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11g Protein
Low Sugar
Cake Batter Cakes are great, but the batter is ALWAYS better. $16.99
Chocolate Donuts are awesome. So is chocolate. $16.99

We wanted to develop a donut that
tastes like your favorite treat but has
the nutrition of a health snack.

11g protein
5g sugar
130 calories

Other Donuts

3g protein
23g sugar
262 calories
I love donuts and I've been craving one so bad! This hit the spot!
Just a perfect snack! Highly recommended.
Tastes freaking bomb. It's pretty sweet.
A protein donut that tastes delicious.
Have your cake & eat it too.
What better way to reward yourself from a hardcrore workout then a protein donut!
Protein Donuts?! Yes please!
I am 100% obsessed with these and pretty sure I'm gonna buy like 10 more boxes.
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